Read what happy clients are saying about ReJoyce Healthcare at Home

Amanda and her team of caregivers are both incredibly qualified and compassionate. Concern for their clients has no equal.

Gregg H. | Ashland, Oregon

ReJoyce Healthcare at Home has a remarkable team of caregivers and has provided my mother with care we appreciate!

Kay N. | Talent, Oregon

ReJoyce Healthcare at Home has provided excellent care to both myself and my husband before he passed.  We consider ReJoyce team of caregivers to be part of our family as they have not only bonded with me (the client), but also every member of my family as well.  Compassionate, humble, kind, and loyal are the words I use to describe the caregivers who come to my home.

J.S. | Jacksonville, Oregon

I recently took a trip to Kauai with my family for eleven days. I left my husband in the wonderful care of the ReJoyce team. I was able to speak with my husband and his caregiver every day!

My husband's home therapy was not interrupted and he was doing better when I got home than when I left. Thank you, ReJoyce Healthcare at Home... I would definitely recommend them!

Marge S. | Central Point, Oregon

Amanda and her crew provided amazing care of a loved one 3 times daily for a year without fail. They were not only able to help with all of his daily routine but was able to take care of his feeding tube and managed his medication and followed doctors' orders to a tee.


I cannot thank Amanda enough for the quality and the compassion that went into the care provided. I highly recommend this company to anyone that has a loved one needing care. Scale of 1-5, I give them a 10.

Cat S. | Medford, Oregon

I recently had eye surgery and needed help getting set up after my hospital visit. They got me set up, prepared meals, went grocery shopping, and cleaned. They were extremely professional and did a fabulous job.


They made everything so easy, from setting the appointment to a number of follow ups to ensure that I was doing well. They really care. I highly recommend their services to everyone.

Gary H. | Medford, Oregon

Amanda cares deeply about our senior population, and has created an incredible business to meet their needs at home. Isn’t that what we all want for Grandma?


Also, Amanda is one of the most responsible and kind people I know. She manages a great team of staff, and is always willing to reach out to help others in the community.

Kathy K. | Ashland, Oregon

My family needed assistance with my 89 year-old father’s medications and meal preparation twice daily. Amanda and her staff provided excellent care, and were very good at gaining his trust since he wasn’t used to having strangers in his home.


I highly recommend Amanda and the staff at ReJoyce Healthcare at Home!

Kris C. | Medford, Oregon

I am very grateful to Amanda & Erin at ReJoyce Healthcare for assisting my mother, especially now during a world wide pandemic... They update me regularly & in great detail, which I truly appreciate.


They are patient, kind, responsible & professional. Thank you so much Amanda & Erin.

Kirsten D. | Jacksonville, Oregon

5 Stars, Amanda has a strong ethical, moral , and skilled foundational approach.

Tina M. | Medford, Oregon

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I would absolutely recommend Amanda and her team! They do their best to keep your love ones at home, while increasing their quality of life to the max!

I always recommend Amanda and her team anytime someone has a loved one who needs the extra care that you aren’t qualified, don’t have time, or simply just can’t provide.

Amber Soldahl | November 2019

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All your Cares is absolutely the best! They are a caring and amazing company! They have the knowledge to make sure that everyone is taken care of and happy in the best way not only that, they are always there when you need them. Top Notch 10 Stars

Kristina Pendleton-Beagley | April 2019

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Highly recommend Amanda Kell-Scobie and the team at All Your Cares! Caring, responsible, and thoughtful. They are doing great work to keep Grandma at home, happy & cared for.

Conscious Living | May 2019

5 Stars pink.png

Highly recommend All your Care. They are caring, dependable, and very trustworthy. They arrive on time and very responsive and attentive.

Crystal | April 2019

Note: Business name changed January 2020 to Re-Joyce Healthcare at Home