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Home  Care

Most of our clients have lived in their homes for a long time. These homes hold many cherished memories. It's understandable most seniors do not want to move. By remaining at home, seniors are more likely to be healthier, happier, and motivated to live fulfilled lives. Therefore it is our mission to help seniors remain in their homes for as long as possible. Our caregivers are available to provide the services listed below.

We are available for as little as one to two hours per visit, or up to 24/7 care. Around-the-clock care requires the highest level of skill so sleeping breaks for the caregiver are not typical, unless the client, or family chooses to allow the caregiver to sleep. We can provide three, or even four caregivers on rotating shifts.

Additionally, with the oversight of the RN, caregivers can perform some tasks of nursing delegated by the agency RN. Please see the nursing page to learn more!

Services We Offer:


Meal preparation and planning

  • Special diets (low sodium, low carb, diabetic)

  • Puree, gluten free or liquid diet

Light housekeeping

  • Dusting

  • Vacuuming

  • Changing Linens

  • Laundry

  • Taking out garbage

Companion or Unattended shopping & errands

  • Grocery shopping

  • Escort to religious services

  • Dropping off/picking up pets from the groomer

Assistance getting to appointments

  • Medical

  • Non-medical (hairdresser, nails, etc.)

Companionship & Conversation

  • Engaging in hobbies/activities

  • Family communication using technology or writing letters/cards

Pet and houseplant care

Personal Care

  • Bathing Assistance

  • Grooming

  • Dressing

  • Toileting/incontinence care

Exercise assistance

Respite Care

  • Break or period of rest for primary caregiver or family member


Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Medication Services

  • Reminding, assistance and administration

  • Setting up and maintaining a medication schedule

  • Administering medication(s)

Additional Services We Offer:

Observation and monitoring

  • Acute conditions

  • Personal monitoring for safety

Home Safety Management

Medication Reconciliation

Health Coaching/Education (Via nurse; please see Age Well section)

Case Management (Via nurse; please see AgeWell section)

“Drop-in” Visits

Daily Care Calls/Telephone Check-Ins

Post-procedural and post-operative assistance

  • Physical assistance

  • Pain management

  • Transportation to and from appointment

Types of Clients We Help:

  • A client who is unstable on their feet or requires assistance for activities.

  • A diabetic client who is not compliant with medication or diet.

  • A client whose medication is frequently changed.

  • A client who has frequent hospital admissions.

  • A client who has limited range of motion with their arms and or legs.

  • A client who shows signs of confusion.

  • A client who is dependent on a cane, walker or wheelchair.

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Welcome Home Package

Returning home from a hospital stay can be stressful especially with new and unexpected changes. Following discharge instructions carefully and remembering to make and follow up with doctor appointments can be a challenge for someone suffering from memory loss. If vision is an issue, reading prescription instructions on bottles and paperwork can be a challenge.

Nearly 1/5th of seniors are hospitalized within 30 days of being discharged from the hospital (source).


Our services can provide physical assistance needed and in-home support required to fully recuperate. We will help you or your loved one stay on the path of healing and recovery after a hospital stay.

For $99, we offer our Welcome Home Package that allots 4 hours with a caregiver to help you get home and settled.

During this time, the caregiver can:

  • Provide transportation to include after hospitalization/discharge

  • Pick up prescriptions

  • Grocery shop

  • Assist with housecleaning